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My name is Casey

I'm an artist and I like alot of strange things.

You can check out my about/tags for more info (it's the printer, the rest of my links are the X)


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We must be very quiet, the Falmer may not be able to see us, but they CAN hear us.
*supa sneak quiet as a templemouse*
LASS. *hits every bone alarm* *steps on every pressure plate* *awakens the Centurion*
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I’ve had the urge to draw homestuck characters for no reason

I don’t even like homestuck one bit anymore or want a thing to do with the fan base but I just love all the character designs and the work put into the story like jesus dang


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I’m thinkin of playing Off again tbh

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Furcadia still follows me but like

I don’t even play it anymore bc I have a Mac and don’t wanna pay for crossover or figure out wine so

sorry to let ya down



otherkin are not:
- beings who are ‘anything they want’ like some of ur dumbass jokes insinuate e.g a lamp 
- beings who call themselves otherkin to be a ‘special snowflake’ 
- beings who actually believe they are literally the thing they are kin of, contrary to popular belief (so e.g dogkin believing they are literally a dog) ((some beings are like this but it is very rare)) 
- beings who are [insert ableist slur] - beings who have mental illnesses. (some otherkin do, but this does not affect their ability to be/not be otherkin, being otherkin might even help them)
- trans/nb beings who request nounself pronouns to be ‘different’ 
- beings who ‘need mental help’ 
- beings who are using otherkin as something gender-related (other than pronouns) species ≠ gender and otherkin can be trans/nb/cis/etc
- beings who affect your life in any way/shape/form - nothing they do affects you whatsoever so shut the fuck up 

otherkin are/can be: 
- beings who believe they were their kintype in a past life
- beings who believe they will be their kintype in a future life
- beings who believe spiritually in their kintype in any way
- beings who enjoy learning about their kintype, looking at their kintype, acting like their kintype, etc, etc
- beings who feel dysphoric (or not dysphoric) about the fact they should be their kintype, beings who want to be their kintype
- beings who say that they are otherkin = beings who are otherkin. being otherkin is defined by you, it doesn’t have to follow any set of rules. 

- oh my god seriously for the last time stop attacking otherkin they aren’t affecting you at least they are expressing the way they feel in a healthy way
- like for real how is it hurting you so much to just let beings be and accept them
- being otherkin and expressing that in different ways is, for some, just a hobby and helps them get in touch with their feelings/be spiritual, it can be used as a distraction for many things and also helps beings meet beings like them and make friends w/ similar interests
- u dont have to experience species dysphoria to be otherkin (like i said its defined by you) 
- if you attack otherkin for being any kind of otherkin then you are trash

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livin rooms



oh yeah

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one more thing, I’m kinda stressed now bc I haven’t done all of my ap summer work

like I’m just halfway through the book we have to read

at least I only have ap English work and not ap us

I also gotta think of a design for the band shirt if I want to submit one again this year and the theme is river songs or some shit and I’m creatively blank anyways

AND THEN I have to call my guidance counselor tomorrow because my theatre 3 and the band class I wanted won’t fit in good with my ap drawing class at the career center and IM SO FRICKIN NERVOUS bc I’ll be pissed if I get put into another lower theatre class again or put in a freshman band class or some shit (I know the teacher bc I’m in marching band so he put me in wind ensemble which had the most percussion/mallets stuff, which is all I do and I’m scared I won’t get it)

I’m just. feeling very pressured and stressed rn and I don’t like it

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also the band schedule is pissing me off

"8 am to 12 pm" and "4 pm to 8 pm"
that’s in the same fucking day like what
what do you even do for the four hour period in between I’m so mad I

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I could have had my license like OVER a month ago but

the entire fall/early winter of 2013 was so emotionally draining for me that I just didn’t drive at all

and I only have like 12 out of 60 needed hours now

I need it for bandcamp, which starts next week so I guess I’m mooching rides off people